Those who sail

Those who sail and go boating in the Aegean sea are looking to enjoy the best boating conditions in the world. These same people tend to have high demands on their equipment. Isalos shop mission is to make sure the equipment is available for them to optimize the superb conditions.
The boats are from all around the world and have highly varied equipment. Isalos challenge is to supply a wide variety of equipment from a very wide range of suppliers, providing as much under one roof as is possible and consequently the greatest convenience for customers.

The Aegean sea  environment is tough on marine equipment. Isalos focuses on supplying equipment and supplies that stand up to the onslaught from sun, heat and salt air.



Our customers

Our customers range from small boat owners and boating companies to mega yacht owners. Isalos is committed to providing the best service across the spectrum and meeting the particular needs of all in the boating community. Isalos shop offers over 30,000 products from over 170 manufacturers. We offer a wide selection of the highest quality products offered in the marine industry We also specialize in the complex systems you’ll find on every boat from plumbing systems, to electrical and electronics systems.



Contact Details


Samos Marina Pythagorio 831 03, Samos, Greece

Tel. : +302273061221

Fax: +302273061220

Mob. : +306946360415



Samos Marina Pythagorio 831 03, Samos, Greece

Tel. : +302273061220

Fax: +302273061220

Mob. : +306955219445